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We strive to make our clients feel like family, by giving them a warm welcoming and to exceed their expectations in every visit with their pets.


Dr. Arturo Garcia-Camacho

Dr. Arturo Garcia-Camacho

Owner, DVM


Since childhood, Dr. Arturo Garcia-Camacho has been passionate about helping and caring for animals. He always found himself thinking about ways to interpret the needs of pets. His ambition and dedication drove him to pursue an education and career in veterinary medicine, eventually leading him to found All Creatures Family Vet Hospital. He graduated from Missouri University in 1999.

He continues to advocate on behalf of pets through gentle, compassionate, and thorough care for animals. He loves caring for animals and attending to their needs, especially since pets cannot speak for themselves. In fact, he likens himself to a pediatrician in many ways because his patients are fragile, innocent, and unable to speak. Dr. Garcia-Camacho believes that he and others in the veterinary field have an obligation to look after pets’ needs. 

Dr. Garcia-Camacho has fostered an environment where the bond between pets and people is the top priority. He and his staff utilize their expertise to provide for pets’ health while strengthening the relationships between pets and their people. At All Creatures Family Vet Hospital, Dr. Garcia-Camacho and his staff are committed to helping pets live healthier and longer.

When Dr. Garcia-Camacho isn’t at the hospital, he fills his free time with outdoor adventures, going to the gym, and reading or listening to anything that can help him grow intellectually. He values being able to share his experiences and knowledge with others.

Dr. Garcia-Camacho has a sweet 3-year-old Dachshund named Wendy. She is shy yet funny and receives lots of love day in and day out.

Annette Ruiz

Annette Ruiz

Certified Veterinary Technician

 Annette is a caring and compassionate certified veterinary technician. She lives for providing pets with the medical attention they need. She also enjoys helping owners feel confident leaving pets in her care and educating them on their pet’s health. Annette’s favorite part of working at All Creatures Family Vet Hospital is when pets want to come into the clinic even when they’re feeling under the weather.

Annette earned her veterinary technician certification in 2018 from Ashworth College. When she isn’t helping pets feel better at the clinic she spends her spare time enjoying life with her children. Some of her favorite activities include going to the zoo, spending time outdoors with wildlife, and fostering her children’s love of animals to help them see the same value in creatures as she does.

In addition to her beautiful children, Annette is also the proud dog parent of a beautiful Boxer named Boston. Boston is one and a half years old and loves playing with Annette’s kids. He also enjoys tagging along to the ranch where he gets to play with cows, chickens, and turkeys. He doesn’t mind taking a swim in the pond, as well. Boston isn’t an only pet-child, though. He grew up with Snowball, Annette’s beloved cat. Snowball and Boston get along well since Snowball mistakenly believes she’s a dog, too. Snowball enjoys playing catch, hide-n-seek with the kids, and receiving love and attention from the entire family. Boston and Snowball have grown to be best buddies. They’re both sweet and love people. They’re really the best companions Annette could imagine sharing her family with. 

Arlene Villarreal

Arlene Villarreal

Client Service Representative and Receptionist

Arlene brings out the best in others and puts her whole heart into her job each and every day. She is a talented and caring client service representative and receptionist. She loves working at All Creatures Family Vet Hospital because she takes pride in working with an excellent team that’s committed to providing the best customer service. She appreciates that, like herself, everyone at our clinic cares for all pets like they would their own and that our clients and furry patients always remain our top priority.

Arlene attended New Start School’s CNA and Phlebotomy Technician programs. On her days off Arlene enjoys reading, spending time with her family and friends, staying healthy and active, and playing with her two Beagles. Her beloved Beagles, Warrior (6) and Xena (3), keep her busy and keep her heart full of love.